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Elixir Games Launcher announces exclusive titles

Through these exclusivity agreements, Elixir Games aims to bring Web3 games to players with the same ease of access as traditional games and enable millions of potential gamers to explore a nascent genre through their easy-to-navigate launcher.
cover image for the article "Six new play-to-earn mobile games join the Zebedee App" which features zebedee logo in space.
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Six new play-to-earn mobile games join the Zebedee app

ZEBEDEE, known for integrating financial transactions into apps and games through its API, introduces six new mobile play-to-earn game titles to its entertainment hub. These games allow users to earn "sats," fragments of Bitcoin, enhancing in-game interactions.
immutable zkevm logo in space.
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Immutable initiates the public testing of zkEVM

Web3 game developers can now seamlessly transition their existing smart contracts and Solidity code onto the Immutable zkEVM Testnet at no cost. Immutable aims to accelerate the progress of AAA Web3 games with this move.