The Metaverse gold rush continues at full speed according to the latest Newzoo report

One way or another, all roads lead to the metaverse.

Newzoo’s June 2022 – Metaverse report is pointing out some great facts. It’s becoming harder for brands to reach Gen Z and Gen Alpha through traditional media channels. While some social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter and streaming platforms like Twitch help brands target the younger audience, they lack the gamified elements virtual worlds provide.

Metaverse is where the major brands are rushing to at the moment. There’s no authoritative definition of metaverse of course because there is simply no “The” metaverse. No matter how popular a virtual world may be, it can’t be “the metaverse”.

The report mainly covers how the metaverse is seen through the eyes of some of the key industry players and investors and shines a light on vital global trends shaping the metaverse as we know it. These trends also form the future of blockchain gaming and the NFT space, as they’re heavily intertwined with the developments we see in the metaverse market.

However, one key detail one can pull from the report is metaverse is still mainly growing alongside VR and AR technologies, Google’s Q1 Mobile Games report also suggests that mobile gamers are mainly interested in metaverse followed closely by VR.

You can find the full report here. The main headlines of the report are listed below:

  • Big tech and brand involvement
  • Roblox: A peek into the future of virtual worlds
  • The future of music and entertainment
  • The future of fashion and luxury brands
  • Play to earn and blockchain gaming
  • P2E guilds and the future of work
  • The rush for digital real estate
  • An introduction to NFT collections
  • The transition from NFT collections to global IP
  • Crypto and the promise of interoperability
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