Cosmo Media Labs received its first investment from The Sandbox

The big name of the metaverse made its first investment in a versatile production company.
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Cosmo Media Labs is building the Complex infrastructure within The Sandbox

Producing versatile productions on new media, Cosmo Media Labs received investment from Animoca Brands subsidiary The Sandbox. Also, this is the first financial stake taken by The Sandbox.

Founded by Alexander Bushnell, a former MGM VP, and artificial intelligence entrepreneur Tobias Queisser, Cosmo Media Labs has been working on IP and brand partnerships. According to the company’s statements, it is open to all game-related work.

Cosmo Media Labs CEO and Co-Founder Alexander Bushnell made the following statements on the subject:

“We’re excited to team up with The Sandbox and work with top creators, brands, and IP holders to unlock their full potential in the new era of digital entertainment and Web3. The Sandbox is the leader of the evolving open metaverse space and its investment and support will allow us to accomplish this at scale. We are proud to work together to bring brands a clear understanding and strategy of how to best leverage the power of their IP within the new landscape of interactive entertainment and digital ownership.”

Although this is The Sandbox’s first financial stake buy, Animoca Brands is no stranger to this area. Animoca Brands, which invests in many companies and studios especially in Web3 area, announced last week that it had raised 110 million dollars from Tamasek, Boyu, and CGV Capital.

Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, commented on the investment:

“The metaverse is redefining the creator economy by growing a new ecosystem through sharing value creation between brands, creators, and the community. We’re excited to support the Cosmo Media Labs team through this investment as it is a production studio that can bridge between media and help shape the culture of the metaverse to bring the innovation of Web3 through new forms of experiences that provide an accessible and meaningful format of entertainment.”

There is not very detailed information about Cosmo Media Labs currently. However, according to the statements, the company will produce new social centers and experiences within The Sandbox. The amount of the investment has not yet been fully disclosed.

A new partnership with FaZe Clan

A new partnership with FaZe Clan

The Sandbox also announced a new partnership to bring the lifestyle and culture of FaZe Clan, one of the key names in the esports scene, to The Sandbox. Companies will produce new experiences for their users by creating new events, games, and products.

“FaZe Clan’s leading position at the pinnacle of gaming and youth culture provides an ideal opportunity to build new bridges and lead the gaming community at large to the metaverse,” said Lee Trink, CEO of FaZe Clan.

“Through our partnership with FaZe World and The Sandbox, our already digitally established fans can experience FaZe Clan in a new and immersive way.”

Also, The Sandbox added a partnership with Tony Hawk to its many partnerships last month. It looks like The Sandbox will continue to make a splash in this playground with its partnerships.

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