The UK network operator Three and Gameloft to launch a mobile gaming subscription

Three and Gameloft have made a new partnership agreement, renaming the existing 3GoPlay subscription service.
Three Gameloft Service
Three and Gameloft are getting stronger by going through the name change on the already existing service.

Three and Gameloft have signed a new partnership agreement. The two companies rebranded the existing service 3GoPlay as “W3GoPlay” and its gallery will be richer than ever, thanks to Gameloft’s library of games.

The “play as much as you want” model will initially be launched in Austria and Italy. These country markets will then be included in the plan: Denmark, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Macau.

This new service, offered under the W3GoPlay brand, includes popular games such as Asphalt Nitro 2, Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, and Sonic Runners Adventure. According to Joe Parker, CEO of CK Hutchison’s Innovations and Opportunities, the service will continue with a “small monthly fee.”

The deal itself was made through CKH Innovations and Opportunities, the arm of CK Hutchison Holdings. The partners added that some of the content will be free and that, in total, hundreds of games will be included in the service.

Joe Parker, CEO of CKH IOD, said;

“With hundreds of games available from launch, and more being added every month, we’re confident that our All You Can Play subscription service will satisfy the appetites of even our most dedicated gaming customers”

Yann Fourneau, Gameloft Vice President of Global Sales and Distribution, added;

“We are always thinking about creating tailored solutions to add value to our partners’ offerings, and we accomplish this through the best content, no matter the device or channel. 3GoPlay is a great example of our ability to deliver innovative platforms anywhere in the world”

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