Volley’in yeni yapay zekâ oyunuyla açık uçlu sohbetleri deneyimleyin

Volley’s 20 Questions bir yapay zekâ karakteriyle açık uçlu sesli diyaloglara izin veren ilk LLM (large language model) tabanlı ses oyunlarından biridir.

Volley, the voice-activated AI games developer, announced the launch of Volley’s 20 Questions on the Amazon Alexa Skill Store. The game marks a significant step forward in LLM (Large Language Model) technology, enabling open-ended voice conversations with an AI character.

Accessible for free on any compatible Alexa device, Volley’s 20 Questions caters to various audiences, including families and players of all ages. To begin, users simply say, “Alexa, open Volley Games” and embark on a dynamic conversation with an AI Riddlemaster.

Players can pose questions, request hints, and even delve into the technicalities of yes or no answers, fostering an experience analogous to interacting with a human opponent.

Max Child, CEO & Co-Founder of Volley, stated: 

“The launch of Volley’s 20 Questions marks a major milestone in gaming. It’s one of the first LLM-based games that players can speak to naturally using just their voice. As long as the player understands the rules of the game, they can say nearly anything and have the AI Riddlemaster understand and respond appropriately. Adapting 20 Questions, a beloved classic pastime that most of our players are already familiar with, was a natural first step for LLM gaming.”

Volley boasts a strong presence on the Alexa Skill Store, featuring popular titles like “Song Quiz” and “Question of the Day.” Earlier this year, the company expanded its reach by launching a voice gaming app on the Roku TV platform, currently offering “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune.” With over 100 million annual game sessions, Volley’s innovative approach to voice-powered games continues to reshape the industry.

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