Turkish game studio Playumm is making an NFT game

Fırat, which belongs to cartoonist Uğur Gürsoy, is preparing to be an NFT game.
Fırat NFT Game
New play-to-earn game: Fırat NFT Game

The cartoon series of Uykusuz, Fırat is getting ready to be a play-to-earn-based NFT game. In the days when NFT and play-to-earn news came back to back, news of a new NFT game came from Bursa-based developer Playumm. The developer team announced that it would publish the Fırat NFT Game in a short time.

In the announcement made by Playumm Founder Sevgin ŞEN, it was announced that the Fırat NFT series would be minted on Kalao before the New Year. Immediately after, the release of Fırat NFT Game, which is in the early access stage, is planned.

Fırat NFT Game was designed with play-to-earn logic, and the developer team underlined that the game would have a different mechanic. Regarding the subject, Sevgin Şen used the following statements in his statement:

“I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but in this game, where we will try to expand the limited audience, which is the biggest problem in blockchain games, non-NFT owners will be able to play the game, and they will be able to win prizes while real NFT owners receive rewards.”

The project, which will be released as an NFT game, is planned to be transformed into a metaverse in the coming days. The developers plan to reward both NFT owners and other players with this move.

We have been hearing news about NFT from all over the world lately. Bursa-based Turkish game studio Playumm will be entered into the play-to-earn ecosystem. With the announcement, both Fırat’s fans and those interested in play-to-earn games are waiting excitedly.

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