Turkish game studio Playumm and Uykusuz announced a new NFT game

A new NFT game is born from the partnership of the Turkish game studio Playumm and the humor magazine Uykusuz.
Babyrider NFT-Uykusuz-Playumm
The cute Babyrider NFTs got a lot of attention.

Turkish game studio Playumm and humor magazine Uykusuz are working on a new NFT game. Playumm and Uykusuz had previously come to the fore with Fırat: NFT Game. Adapted from a cartoon, the game attracted great interest, and its NFTs were sold out in a short time.

Now, a new game is born from the partnership of Uykusuz and Playumm. The NFT collection of the new project Babyrider, consisting of 2500 pieces, was recently minted on Kalao (AVAX) and sold out quickly.

Previously, it was announced that Playumm was moving, intending to create a metaverse. Another step has been taken for the metaverse plans with this new game. Regarding the metaverse project called “Toonlands,” Playumm Founder Sevgin Şen used the following statements in a post:

“We will also talk about the ‘Toonlands’ project, which we are planning to be CROSS-GAME #METAVERSE very soon. The project will be the common meeting point of the games we undertake to publish and will come to life as a giant ecosystem.”

In his post, the Founder Şen also published a prototype gameplay video of the Babyrider project. This game in which motorcycles and cute babies compete will be with us soon.

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