Ubisoft won’t sell for less than €60 per share

The rumors of a Ubisoft buyout continue and some suggest the shareholders want at least €60 to €70 euros per share, some even will hold out for more.
ubisoft google stadia assasian creed
A total of $20 million was paid for the two games.

With major video game companies being bought out left and right, there have been rumors linking Ubisoft to multiple suitors. In fact, both Sony and Microsoft were linked with the French publisher/developer.

However, according to the latest rumors rising from Dealreporter, Assassin’s Creed publisher’s shareholders want at least €60 to €70 per share, and some even want to see three digits before a potential sale.

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The French video games developer and publisher has a strong portfolio, including franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Far Cry, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, The Division, and Watch Dogs. One of their subsidiaries, Massive Games, is developing a whole new Star Wars game, meaning the company’s shares have a strong potential to reach the levels some shareholders are expecting to see.

Ubisoft shares on a downward trend


Ubisoft’s current stock ratings have been quite wavy, having seen share prices between €82 to €48.41, having said that, there’s been a downward trend lately. Ubisoft’s shares usually rise when the company publishes multiple heavy-hitters within the same fiscal quarter, but of course, that’s not a given.

Ubisoft’s share prices saw a peak of €102.95 back in September 2019, and with the upcoming titles, it may see a rising trend once again, provided these games prove successful. Their latest titles mostly received mixed reviews, criticized for repetitive gameplay and offering nothing new besides settings.

Another major video games developer and publisher, EA Games, is also linked with Apple, NBC, Amazon, and a few others. Seems like both Microsoft and Sony will continue acquiring major studios/publishers and other tech giants are interested in finding their way to the video games market by buying out companies.

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