Unity 2022 Multiplayer Report states 77% of gamers play multiplayer games

The report contains insightful information on the genre and its popularity.

Unity has shared its 2022 Multiplayer Report, focusing on the multiplayer genre and its popularity. The report states that more than half of the global population play games (52%), and 77% of them play multiplayer. The survey was conducted with more than 1500 participants in the US, UK, Japan, and South Korea, which represent four of the world’s six biggest gaming markets by revenue.

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According to the report, people mostly choose their games based on the genre. In the survey, almost half of the gamers (49%) listed genre as one of the top three reasons for selecting a game. Battle Royale and FPS were the most popular genres, with a 32% vote for each, followed by sports (24%), racing (23%), and fighting (18%).

FPS (9%), sports (8%), and racing (8%) were over the global average in the UK, whereas MOBAs and RTS were significantly more prevalent in Korea. Compared to global averages, US gamers are less likely to play MOBAs (-7%) and more likely to play FPS (7%) and card games (7%). FPS (-12%) and sports games (-12%) remain under the bar among Japanese gamers, while simulations (6%) and fighting games (7%) climb above average.

Social features have been determined as a “prime decision driver” for gamers. Participants stated friend recommendations, an in-game chat system, and the ability to party up with friends quickly all play a part when selecting the next game.

The report also stated that 91% of real-time multiplayer gamers play crossplay games, and more time spent in crossplay games equals more time spent in multiplayer. Every genre in the survey saw an average playtime increase of 3% compared to last year.

Quickly finding a game (36%), matchmaking at the same skill level (33%), and being able to join a match or party with friends (29%) are essential for gamers to enjoy a multiplayer game, per the report.

The survey results explained that while 56% of gamers prefer in-game chat, 31% use a separate device or software. Only 13% of the participants prefer out-of-game options. You can access the full report here.

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