Valve releases the beta version of the new Steam Mobile App

The gaming giant rebuilt the Steam Mobile App.
Steam's library of games with a little mobile phone at the bottom of the image

Valve, the creator of the most popular gaming platform Steam, announced today that it has launched a limited beta of the new Steam Mobile App. The mobile version of Steam has been out o date for a while, getting only minor updates, and indeed needed a hefty overhaul.

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The new Steam Mobile App sees its framework revamped completely, and it’s been redesigned with today and the near future in mind. The updated version of the Steam App keeps everything that worked for its users while adding QR code sign-in, smarter notifications, and an improved library. You can also add multiple accounts to the Steam App (not limited to Steam Guard like the older version) with the newer and better rendition.

Steam says they’re pushing a limited beta first in order to get feedback from the users, and when they gathered enough information, they’ll work on what’s necessary, polish the product and release it in full.

The gaming platform specifically encourages users who have been using the Steam Mobile App already and are willing to send feedback, preferably as soon as possible to speed things up.

You can read this official blog post to see how you can switch to the new Steam Mobile App,

It’s relatively simple to join the beta on Android, however, Apple users have to join the beta through Apple’s own TestFligh app, and per Apple’s guidelines, iOS beta participants are limited to 10,000 users at max.

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