VGames raises another $141M to invest in game studios

The company had raised $60 million in March 2020.
Israel-based VGames has raised a second fund of $141 million to invest in game developers.

The Israel-based Tel Aviv fund had previously raised $60 million in March 2020 to invest in game studios in Europe and Israel. VGames will continue to focus on Israel and invest in talented game teams around the world.

The fund will invest in game studios to support talented developers and enable them to grow.

VGames Founder and Managing Partner Eitan Reisel said in a statement:

“After a quick distribution of our initial funding, we now feel more confident and ready to double down on successes.”

Since the launch of VGames in March 2020, the fund has invested in 21 companies worldwide, making it one of the most active gaming funds in the world. Its major investments include 1047, Candivore, SuperPlay and MPL.

“From the very first day, we aimed to be a multi-founder-centered fund. I believe the more support we have for our founders, the better we are. I am very confident in the model we are building and proud to support top entrepreneurs globally from India, Israel, Europe, USA and soon other parts of the world. Our founders are our success.”

The VGames team consists of game manager and game expert Daniel Mironov and Eitan Reisel. This team ensures that the fund makes decisions quickly while maintaining a trusted investor-entrepreneur relationship.

Mironov made the following comments in his statement:

“We invest in teams, content and believe in a data-driven approach. Depending on the stage of the company, we analyze the type, metrics, if any, and growth opportunity and guide our investment decisions based on this.”

He also stated that they find the NFTs and Web 3 game market exciting as well as new content types.

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