War Thunder Mobile has finally been launched

The mobile version of the realistic military vehicle combat game is finally online on iOS and Android.
war thunder mobile title screen or banner image.

War Thunder is one of those games you probably heard of, even if you haven’t played it or are not a hardcore gamer. Developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment, it’s a realistic military vehicle combat game that is pretty well known among the fans of the genre and the general gamer community. The game is usually praised for its commitment to incorporating the details and features of the war machines and their advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other.

The game’s fans can keep playing it on the go since its mobile version is finally online. It has gone through several alpha and beta testing stages over the past six months, optimized, improved, and adapted to mobile devices over and over again. A HUD editor, a teammate search interface, and customization of vehicles are among these additions and improvements. Two major updates have also been released, bringing new tanks, ships, aircraft, and maps.

The game will consistently receive fresh content. This will include elements familiar to War Thunder players on PC and consoles and debuting first on War Thunder Mobile. The games have been developed as independent projects. Still, the teams share their experience with each other while working to expand the universe of War Thunder and provide the most satisfactory experience to the fans of the historical and current war machines all around the world. 

All users who log into War Thunder Mobile before August 29th will receive the American destroyer USS Nicholas and a platoon of French armored vehicles in unique camouflages as a gift to celebrate the game’s release.

War Thunder mobile is available on iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the game’s website in APK format.

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