Web3 Farmville alternative FreeWoly set to launch in Q3

It’s a Farmville-like ecosystem but provides monetary rewards to its players.
A pixelted sheep on a farm with a light blue background

FreeWoly is kind of a mixture of Zynga’s Farmville and Niantic’s Pokemon Go; the game is an AR and simulation blend that allows players to farm virtually, and it’s also based on a monetary model that rewards the players. It’s basically a play-to-earn farming game for Web3. As part of the game’s final stages of development, the $FWOLY token will be launched within Q3 2022. The beta launch is planned for Q4 2022.

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Players can create and grow their digitalized farmsteads when they are at home by activating the farming mode. The game starts as any other farming game. It’s simple and basic and built up over time, but when players go outside and turn on the AR mode, they can start collecting items, animals and rewards, just like in Pokemon Go.

The game will reward the players with $FWOLY, which will also serve as the title’s native currency. In order to earn this digital currency, players must mint each animal and make them tradable across the FreeWoly NFT marketplace. The prices for each animal will be set by players, however, obviously, the rarer the item is the more valuable it will be.

The game even allows selling the whole farm if the player wants to do so. FreeWoly spokesperson said “This provides an extra incentive layer to not only collect animals but also spend the time to build up your farm to sell to other users,” and then added, “Like the animals, the farm itself can also be minted.”

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