An exclusive competition for indie developers: Indie Clash

XTiming will give out awards with Indie Clash on its industry journey with the aim of supporting independent developers.
xtiming indie clash
XTiming is handing out prizes with Indie Clash.

XTiming is holding a competition with a prize pool of $8,000 for indie mobile game developers. If independent game developers qualify for this contest called Indie Clash, they will also be able to submit their games to community (online) voting.

XTiming is an accelerator program that supports developers around the world to independently publish their own games, introduce the leading publishers and developers of the game industry, and help developers achieve their goals in the industry. With the Indie Clash competition it organizes in line with this vision, XTiming gives independent mobile game developers the chance to present their games in the competition and win prizes.

The main and indispensable theme of the competition, as the name suggests, is that the game is indie. It is expected that the games of the participants will have a unique idea, have creative gameplay, and will submit a game different from the games already in the game market. The main purpose of the competition is to support independent developers and their unique ideas.

Indie Clash entry requirements and prize pool

For developers participating in XTiming’s Indie Clash competition, the requirements are pretty simple. Aiming primarily to support independent mobile game developers, XTiming also aims to have as many qualified participants as possible in the competition. Any game can enter the competition as long as it is a unique and interesting game. Here are some of the requirements specified by XTiming:

  • The game must be a hyper-casual or casual mobile game developed with the IAA or IAP/IAA monetization model.
  • Only independent game studios can participate (no big companies allowed).
  • Each participant has the right to send unlimited games.
indie clash prize pool
Indie Clash prize pool.

Developers participating in the competition will be able to showcase their games worldwide and will have the chance to access new business deals or investment opportunities in line with their potential realization. The participants, who have the chance to attract the attention of the big publisher companies of the industry, will also be given cash prizes so that they can invest in their own games. The details of the prize pool of $ 8,000 are as follows:

  • First prize: $5,000
  • Second prize: $2,000
  • Third prize: $1,000

There are also other prizes that offer great benefits to all participants, such as game evaluation reports. Indie Clash will provide a full report for all participants with Optimization Suggestions, a suitable Target Region, ASO Suggestions, and Data Analysis. On the other hand, Indie Clash will increase your brand’s visibility. Organizations and players from around the world will see your game which could lead to potential investment opportunities, promotion, and new cooperation.

Contestants will go through 3 steps to win the Indie Clash. In the first step, the developers will submit their unique games to the competition. After checking their suitability for the competition, all the approved games will be listed on the website for open voting. The approved games will appear before the expert jury staff in the third step, and as a result of this stage, the three winners of the competition will be determined.

The deadline to apply for the competition is 15 November 2021.

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