The shortest path to the gaming world: YSO Corp Hyper Lab

Entrepreneurship program for the Turkish game world from global game publisher YSO Corp: Hyper Lab
yso corp hyper lab türkiye
YSO Corp Hyper Lab acceleration program will make hyper-casual developers very happy!

YSO Corp, which specializes in the design and development of mobile games and applications and has one of the most experienced teams in this field, is starting the entrepreneurship program called YSO Corp Hyper Lab to realize the dreams of teams developing hyper-casual games for further growth of the Turkish game ecosystem.

Game developers applying to YSO Corp Hyper Lab, which was established in Turkey on behalf of YSO Corp global, will be subjected to evaluation processes and those who are successful will be eligible to participate in the acceleration program.

Ecosystem and network support, global expertise support, incorporation, and financial consultancy, game publishing support, and investment consultancy support will be provided to game developers who will be included in the program.

Applications to the YSO Corp Hyper Lab program, which can be applied by all entrepreneurs who make hyper-casual games and want to develop, start on September 25.

At the end of the application process, entrepreneurs who are successful in the evaluation process will be included in the 3-month acceleration program and will have the opportunity to develop their games and test their games by taking advantage of the support provided by YSO Corp Hyper Lab.

Detailed information about the YSO Corp Hyper Lab acceleration program and the application process is available at and all social media accounts under the username @ysocorphyperlab.

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