Zimad’s Puzzle Villa is available on the Microsoft Store

Mobile game developer and publisher ZiMAD, known for its best-selling title Magic Jigsaw Puzzle, has officially launched its latest game, Puzzle Villa, on the Microsoft Store for Windows devices. 

This expansion opens up the colorful universe of Puzzle Villa to the vast community of Windows users, offering access to over 20,000 puzzles. Puzzle Villa sets itself apart by combining puzzle-solving with home decorating, providing players with a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience. 

The game’s intriguing plot follows the story of the main character, Justine, and her friends, which unfolds as players progress through the game. Regular updates will introduce new levels, furniture pieces, and features to ensure the adventure remains fresh and engaging for players.

Dmitry Bobrov, CEO of ZiMAD, expressed excitement about the release of Puzzle Villa on the Microsoft Store, thanking the team for their hard work and Microsoft for their support. Bobrov highlighted ZiMAD’s longstanding collaboration with Microsoft, dating back to the days of Windows Mobile and Windows Phone platforms. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, another ZiMAD title, has maintained top positions in the Microsoft Store for over 11 years.

Bobrov emphasized that working with Microsoft allows ZiMAD to reach a wide audience of Windows users, expand its fan base beyond mobile platforms, and unlock additional potential for high-quality products with rich visuals and narrative elements.

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