Zynga and cosmetics giant Maybelline announce partnership targeting hyper-casual games

Zynga and Maybelline partner up for hyper-casual games.
Maybelline Zynga logos

Cosmetic company Maybelline partnered with Zynga to reach Gen-Z gamers through hyper-casual games. The beauty company is known for its versatile marketing strategies. Previously, the company sponsored esports tournaments and worked with Twitch streamers for the same purpose. The next step is an in-app mobile game.

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According to Maybelline, this campaign will be a hybrid, bringing shoppable ads and mobile gaming together. This partnership will mark the first time a beauty brand works in a hyper-casual gaming space to promote its products. The game will be called Maybelline Mascara Merge, and players will be able to find it across games owned by Zynga, such as Hair Challenge, High Heels, and Blob Runner.

In this mini-game, users will merge icons, just like in any other merging game. When three icons come together, the mascara will be revealed, and users will earn points. Players can use those points in the main Zynga game they were playing. So their efforts won’t go to waste.

After the announcement, Maybelline New York’s marketing director for mascara Tina Liu talked about this partnership.

“We’re trying to delve into gaming in this way that is a lot more approachable than some of the ways the other brands have done it. How are we going to approach it as a mass brand? We thought of hyper-casual gaming as an easier entry into the space.”

Gabrielle Heyman, head of global brand partnerships for Zynga, added:

“Gaming is a unique opportunity for beauty brands, in particular, to reach their target audiences in a new space where they are spending time every day, engaging directly with the content.”

According to 2022, shared by Zynga, the games owned by the company have 200 million users. 40 million of them are active daily across 100 games. The company’s broad reach makes its games a perfect place to advertise.

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