Zynga certified as a 2021 Great Place to Work in the US

Zynga has been certified as a 2021 Great Place to Work in the U.S. with 95% of Zynga employees having said the company is a great place to work.
zynga great place to work
Zynga managed to get the “Great Place to Work” certification.

Zynga, one of the world’s leading interactive entertainment leaders, conducted a survey among its current employees. According to the survey, Zynga was awarded the “Great Place to Work” title in the USA. Zynga, which has a worldwide authority on workplace culture, stated that 95% of its employees stated that the company is a great place to work.

Jeff Ryan, Director of Human Resources at Zynga, made the following comments on the subject:

“We are excited to be a Great Place to Work Certified company. Over the past few years, Zynga has seen tremendous growth in employee engagement. This prestigious certification is the result of our focus on culture, great teamwork, and collaboration between our US studios.”

Zynga supports its employees by providing benefits and benefits that cover a wide range of areas. Recognizing the importance of family, Zynga assists working parents with generous paid parental leave and additional family planning benefits. To help employees share their passions, Zynga supports a number of employee resource groups, including Women At Zynga (WAZ), zPRIDE, Zynga’s Asian and Pacific Islander group (ZAPI), Black Zynga Union (BZU), and Amigoz. Additionally, in line with its pay equity commitment, Zynga regularly completes pay equity audits and was one of the first companies to sign the California Pay Equity Commitment in 2019.

How did Zynga support its employees during the COVID-19 era?

Zynga makes company culture a top priority and continues to foster an inclusive culture, especially in these unprecedented times, so that its employees do their best work. When the circumstances surrounding the outbreak required employees to work from home to promote health and safety, Zynga quickly developed a comprehensive support program for employees and their families. The program includes optional access to mental health services, virtual fitness classes, ergonomic assessments, childcare options, and paid leave for COVID-19-related conditions. The company has also provided benefits payments to assist employees with expenses related to remote work while offices are closed.

In 2020, Zynga launched a $25 million social impact fund for education and charitable purposes over the next five years. Its mission is to invest in areas that will increase diversity, equity, and participation in the gaming industry.

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