AppsFlyer yapay zeka odaklı platform oolo’yu satın aldı

Bu stratejik satın alma, AppsFlyer’ın yeteneklerini ve platformunu, verimli iş büyümesini destekleyen veri odaklı karar vermeyi hızlandırmak için daha da genişletiyor.

AppsFlyer, a leading SaaS mobile marketing analytics, and attribution platform, announced the acquisition of oolo, a leading AI-powered user acquisition and monetization decision-making platform. As of the acquisition, oolo will now operate as “oolo by AppsFlyer.”

AppsFlyer’s acquisition of oolo is part of the company’s continuing mission to empower brands with the most comprehensive decision-making platform in the constantly evolving digital ecosystem.

“Adapting to the ever-changing digital ecosystem requires innovative solutions that can offer privacy-centric, actionable insights for optimal decision-making,” said Oren Kaniel, CEO and Co-Founder at AppsFlyer. “oolo’s unique technology, team, and expertise will play a key role in our continual pursuit to build a holistic platform that accommodates the shifting expectations, roles and challenges of modern marketing teams. Combining oolo’s innovative technology with AppsFlyer‘s industry-leading measurement platform offers brands new opportunities to harness AI’s full capabilities to optimize their growth and monetization strategies.

AppsFlyer’s acquisition of oolo is the company’s second this year, following its recent acquisition of devtodev, a full-cycle data analytics solution for game and app developers. oolo and devtodev will be among the first applications within AppsFlyer’s recently launched Privacy Cloud Marketplace. They will enable all data, analytics, and AI providers to build their products using AppsFlyer’s APIs and seamlessly integrate their services without moving or sharing user data with external parties.

“It’s an exciting time for us at oolo,” said Yuval Brener, CEO of oolo. “This acquisition is set to blaze a trail in the data analytics space as we join forces with AppsFlyer to provide state-of-the-art data monitoring technologies for brands worldwide. With AppsFlyer’s proven track record, large client base, and privacy-preserving architecture, our customers will benefit from an integrated approach to growth decision-making unlike before.”

oolo by AppsFlyer will be available to both existing AppsFlyer customers and independently.

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