Playtika pazarlama ekibi sınırları zorladı

Playtika’nın pazarlama ekibi, bir günde beş yeni pazarlama kampanyası başlatarak sınırları zorladı.

Playtika marketing team announces the launch of five new campaigns in one day. The unveiling comes amidst challenging times, characterized by uncertainty, strife, and profound sadness. Despite these obstacles, the team successfully navigated the difficulties and created five distinct campaigns, contributing actively to the country’s economic landscape.

The development of these campaigns involved meticulous marketing strategy planning, crafting precise messages, and producing unique creatives. Playtika’s ability to achieve this feat is a testament to the company’s resilience and dedication to its players and internal team.

The accomplishment is credited to the collaborative efforts of various professionals, including marketing experts, creative minds, strategists, and individuals from the games’ studios. Special recognition is extended to external partners, including Directors, Producers, Musicians, editors, and Post-Production Artists, who played a crucial role in turning the team’s vision into reality while ensuring timely delivery and uncompromised quality. 

Playtika VP of Global Marketing, Laura Keren, shared the achievement on her LinkedIn account:

The success of these campaigns is acknowledged as a collective achievement, highlighting the dedication of each team member. As the team enters the new year, there is a shared hope to maintain the momentum and make 2024 as remarkable as the campaigns. The message underscores a sense of unity and optimism, acknowledging that the sky is the limit for everyone involved. 

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