Welcome to Mobidictum.biz! Mobidictum is a mobile gaming news platform focusing on Turkey. Founded in 2015, Mobidictum has been helping mobile game developers with marketing activities. Our mission is to provide valuable content to everyone in the game industry. Today we continue to do this mission by creating content and spreading the news about companies.

At the beginning of 2020, we decided to separate B2B and B2C content and create Mobidictum.biz. On this site, we write industry newsguidesinterviews, academy articles, and more. Our goal is to build this website to make it a hub of game developers, where they can get updates about the industry, learn about tools that they can use, and read other developers’ stories to get inspired.

Now, Mobidictum is the top mobile gaming news brand in Turkey for both B2B and B2C. We have partnered up with many companies and created direct contact with more than 350 studios!

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June, 2015

Mobidictum was established

Our journey started in 2015 with a mission of helping to mobile game developers and studios.

We have launched B2B news platform

Mobidictum.biz’s journey is started.

Jan, 2020
05 May, 2021

Mobidictum Business Network

We organized the first event of the Mobidictum Business Network event series on May 8-9, 2021 with more than 1000+ attendees.

Mobidictum Business Network #2

After our first successful event, we organized the second one on September with better metrics than the first one.

01 Sep, 2021
11 Nov, 2021

Mobidictum Career in Games

The first online game job fair of Mobidictum.

Mobidictum Business Meetup

We have held our first offline event in İstanbul with 200+ attendees.

27 Jan, 2022

We continue to create exciting new projects in 2022. Stay tuned!