would you like to work at the fast-growıng medıa company?

We are hiring! We are always looking for new team members.

Why Mobidictum?

Mobidictum is a fast-growing media company dedicated to the mobile gaming industry. You will have the chance to work with the leading companies in the gaming industry and steer the industry with what you do.


Work from wherever you want

Our entire team works from home. You can work from your home or while sunbathing on the beach.

Flexible working hours

You can work whenever you want as long as you answer the messages and emails, attend the meetings in prime time, and complete your tasks.


Perform better, get much more! Our salary policy is based on performance. So you can get more when your performance is on fire!


  • Financial support for education
  • Welcome kit for the starters
  • Bonuses based on performance


Every employee at Mobidictum can ask for time off when needed.