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Immutable partners Endless Clouds

Immutable will collaborate with mobile game studio Endless Clouds to release two titles, Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, which will be developed on zkEVM.
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IQ Labs reported strong growth in 2023

IQ Labs, a platform facilitating peer-to-peer rentals of digital assets in the Web3 space, achieved significant milestones in its first six months of operation in 2023 and Announced plans for expanded Web3 gaming in 2024
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Why gamers don’t embrace Web3-blockchain games?

Web3 games have been around for a while, but despite the interest and investments they attracted, it still looks like they didn’t gain the traction they were supposed to. But why? Why Web2 gamers don’t join the supposed revolution of Web3 gaming? Why are Web2 gamers still hesitant, even resistant, to embrace Web3 games?