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Mobidictum reviews the latest and most popular games, apps, hardware and services in the gaming industry. Game reviews are presented in an objective, quality and entertaining way. Reviews helps you discover the best of the gaming world.

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WH40K Rogue Trader review: A new standard for generations to come

The grimdark world of Warhammer 40K has received countless video game adaptations throughout the years, including RTS, Xcom-like tactical strategy, first-person shooter, third-person shooter, 4x grand strategy, and much more. However, for a setting that also has at least five TTRPGs dedicated to it, it has never been adapted into a CRPG until now.
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Colony Ship review: Right into the dark

In the beginning of November, a great phenomenon occurred that captured the hearts and minds of the 0.003% of the gaming community. Iron Tower, creators of Age of Decadence, released a 1.0 version of Colony Ship: a Post-Earth Role Playing Game.
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Hawked preview: For those who are tired of murky aisles

It's known that the interest of the gamers shifts to different genres from time to time. Hawked is a new addition to the extraction shooter genre, which has recently become a favourite of gamers with its strained atmosphere.