HAWKED unveils 2024 roadmap

PvPvE extraction shooter HAWKED free early access open beta is available on PC along with significant surprises in cross-platform adventures.
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The game’s publisher, The 4 Winds Entertainment, and developer MY.GAMES are focused on continuous improvement, planning to provide players with an exclusive and quality-packed 2024. The HAWKED adventure started with an open beta and will evolve its storyline through upcoming issues and seasonal content updates.

With the store innovations announced today, HAWKED invites all outlaws to the Zeybek world, inspired by Turkish culture. The 2024 roadmap sheds light on the game’s path for the next 12 months.

In the first quarter of 2024, HAWKED will globally launch on Windows PC (Steam and MY.GAMES Launcher), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nvidia GeForce Now. Further progress for Xbox One compatibility is still ongoing, requiring additional time to deliver a more compelling experience on this platform. The game will receive a day-one update following patching and maintenance until the release date. The first issue will be filled with new stories and tasks, enabling players on all platforms to continue exploring the X-isle.

HAWKED will undergo enhancements based on player feedback. Developers are working on a substantial project that includes interface revamping, player movement updates, and numerous experience improvements.

The second issue will introduce a competitive meta and ranked PvP, enhancing the competitive aspect, similar to the Contracts added in the first issue. Steam Deck compatibility will also be introduced to expand the game to more platforms, offering players more choices. The second issue will cater to players seeking more competition and gameplay variety, and a Codex will be added for collectors to provide additional content.

The third issue will bring a journey to the Periphery and new features. Players venturing to the Periphery will encounter new stories, locations, enemies, weapons, and an NPC from another world. Furthermore, new features like crafting and a black market will be introduced. More information about the crafting feature will be shared closer to the update release, and the black market will provide a new environment for obtaining valuable items not available in the game.

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