Azra Games has raised $10 million in additional seed funding

California-based game studio Azra Games raised another $10 million in addition to last year’s seed funding round.

California-based game studio Azra Games raised another $10 million from a16z, making it a total of $25 million, for its NFT game Legions & Legends. The company raised $15 million from its initial seed funding round, making it $25 million in total.

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Azra Games shared a post on its LinkedIn page saying, “We are thrilled to announce that Azra Games’ venture capital seed funding has grown to $25M with the closure of a $10M seed-plus round led by Andreessen Horowitz along with NFX, Franklin Templeton, Play Ventures, Coinbase, and a select set of world-class partners.”

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) led the round with contributions from NFX, Coinbase Ventures, Play Ventures, and Franklin Templeton.

Azra Games raised $15 million back in May 2022 in a seed funding round, which Andreessen Horowitz also led.

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