Bravo Ready raises $3M for its NFT battle royale game

The blockchain-based game targets players with financial freedom and a competitive spirit.
In BR1, players will try to survive.
The investment will be used for the development of the BR1.

Bravo Ready has received an investment of $3 million for the NFT battle royale game BR1: Infinite Royale, which aims to establish a sustainable economy. Solana Ventures, 6th Man Ventures, Shima Capital, and Fractal CEO Justin Kan were prominent investors in the round.

BR1: Infinite Royale is a new generation and interesting battle royale game. Unlike many shooter battle royale games, this game has no beginning or end. On maps with a maximum of 300 players, users enter the game and start from one corner of the map. In BR1: Infinite Royale, the “last man standing” does not win because new players are constantly entering the map, and some are constantly eliminated.

The concept of Solana blockchain-based BR1: Infinite Royale is based on player bets. Players who want to spawn on the map and join the game pay a $1 fee. If they can survive and eliminate other players, they will receive the money they eliminated from Solana to enter the game. So the more “kill,” the more money.

In addition, the money collected from the players accumulates in a pool, and the players who succeed by meeting the necessary conditions receive 10% of the money in this pool. When the players are eliminated, they leave the game by keeping 85% of the money they collected during the game period in their accounts. If they want to play again, they must pay $1 again.

Character customization can be done in various ways in BR1: Infinite Royale. These character items, cosmetics, and other in-game items feature NFT. Solana-based NFTs are easily traded between players.

The $3 million investment will be used to develop the game, which goes into closed alpha in January 2022. Bravo Ready CEO Evan Ryer says GamesBeat:

“Once you start betting on your performance in a game, you never get the same level of thrill unless you always have that associated level of financial risk. This isn’t just a new game – it’s a new way of gaming. It fundamentally reinvents the financial side of being a player.”

Justin Barlow from Solana Ventures adds:

“We at Solana Ventures are very proud to back Bravo Ready and BR1: Infinite Royale, one of the first shooter games to go live on Solana. BR1 has introduced an action-packed game that is redefining the rules of the battle royale genre and combining utility-based NFTs with high-quality artwork and graphics. We look forward to supporting the BR1 team in their mission to bring Solana games to the masses.”

Bravo Ready designed BR1: Infinite Royale to consider the attitude of the mainstream gamer towards NFTs. This game is aimed at older players who have financial freedom. Evan Ryer says they target players who love competition and want to strengthen it by taking financial risks.

Blockchain-based games are constantly evolving. This game genre, which is still relatively new, has not yet found the “correct and sustainable” system. Companies are trying to balance capital, attract players and develop blockchain games that can be “permanent.” BR1: Infinite Royale is an interesting project in that direction. We will see the game’s success after the full version’s release.

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