HyperPlay announces $12 million series A investment

HyperPlay secures $12 million Series A funding, led by Griffin Gaming Partners and BITKRAFT Ventures. The platform aims to enhance Web3 gaming interoperability with its wallet overlay.
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HyperPlay, a Web3-native game launcher, and aggregator, has revealed that it secured $12 million in Series A funding. The funding round was led by industry leaders Griffin Gaming Partners and BITKRAFT Ventures. Other notable investors included ConsenSys, Ethereal Ventures, Delphi, Game7, Mirana Ventures, and Monoceros Ventures. HyperPlay, launched in partnership with MetaMask and Game7, aims to promote interoperability among Web3 games by incorporating a wallet overlay that allows players to integrate their MetaMask wallets directly into native or browser-based games.

The platform offers gamers a superior user experience by utilizing a persistent data layer for discovery, assets, profiles, and achievements. While Web3 gaming has experienced significant growth in recent years, many games are still confined within closed ecosystems, limiting developers’ desired interoperability. With the successful Series A raise, HyperPlay intends to expand its flagship game launcher, bolster its international presence, and scale its operations.

BITKRAFT Ventures’ Partner, Malte Barth, commended HyperPlay for its developer-first approach, positioning it as the preferred Web3 game launcher. Barth emphasized the platform’s ability to grant game developers the freedom to deploy on their preferred blockchain while allowing players to seamlessly carry their wallets, NFTs, tokens, and achievements across games. He also envisioned a future where HyperPlay extends its reach to mobile platforms and Web2 games.

MetaMask, a leading self-custody Web3 wallet, expressed its support for HyperPlay’s disruptive influence on both the Web3 gaming landscape and the broader Web2 game industry. The Senior Product Manager at MetaMask, Ezgi Cengiz, confirmed the company’s ongoing commitment to backing HyperPlay.

HyperPlay distinguishes itself by serving the interests of both developers and users. Unlike Apple and Steam, which impose a 30% tax on game developers, HyperPlay remains loyal to developers by not levying taxes on in-game economies. Instead, the platform generates revenue through optional features like on-ramping or token swaps. HyperPlay supports all EVM-compatible chains on the user side, enabling players to carry their wallets, tokens, and NFTs into every native or browser game. By integrating an in-game wallet overlay, HyperPlay eliminates the need for users to navigate separate websites for NFT transactions. While the platform supports games on all MetaMask-supported chains, it has hinted at upcoming special features for the Mantle L2, an Ethereum scaling solution that prioritizes gaming.

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