Huawei explains how to drive growth on a new ads platform – MBC 2022

Huawei Ads Sr. Business Development Manager Alp Eren Sarar attended the Mobidictum Business Conference and introduced the Huawei Ads platform.
A headshot of Huawei Ads' Alp Eren Sarar

Huawei Ads Sr. Business Development Manager Alp Eren Sarar delivered a presentation about driving business growth on a new ads platform at the Mobidictum Business Conference.

Sarar opened up by sharing what he’ll be talking about throughout the presentation and with a quote from Dan Millman’s 1984 book Way of the Peaceful Warrior:

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. This is what we focus on as Huawei. Instead of fighting with the old system, we are building a new system, and we’re inviting all of you to adapt to it with us.”

He then shared a summary of the Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem the company started working on three years ago. Continuing his words, Sarar stated that the service is the third largest mobile ecosystem and has over 730 million active users.

Sarar followed up with an overview of Huawei Ads, stating that Huawei provides in-app display solutions, ads on Huawei’s App Store, and search engine marketing.

The experienced manager moved on to Huawei’s influence in the Turkish market as the company boasts over 200 registered direct advertisers and over 60 registered agencies. Sarar mentioned 250 local publishers already integrated with the Huawei Ads Kit and a 90% fill rate with 100 million daily ad requests.

He also explained the benefits of Huawei Ads for the publisher’s side and finalized the presentation with some successful examples, and took the audience’s questions. You can reach Sarar’s full speech along with more relevant content by clicking the button below.

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