Legends of Learning receives $5 million investment for a metaverse education platform

The US educational game platform Legends of Learning received an investment of 5 million dollars after the seed investment round.
Legends of Learning
Legends of Learning wants to be the “learning corner” of the metaverse.

Legends of Learning set out to be the “learning corner” of the metaverse. The company offers various educational content to its users in different fields is known for its mobile game Legends of Learning: Awakening.

Konvoy Ventures led the investment round. Many investors took part in the round, including Kabam Co-Founder Holly Liu and Crunchyroll Co-Founder Kun Gao. Founded in 2017, Legends of Learning includes over two thousand unique math and science games.

Legends of Learning is used in classroom instruction by approximately 5% of primary and secondary school students in the US. Vadim Polikov, co-founder and CEO of Legends of Learning, says:

“Learning doesn’t stop when students graduate and learning isn’t limited to the traditional academic topics. One day anyone who wants to learn anything through experience and play will be able to come to Legends of Learning to find an immersive world of game-based learning built by millions of game creators around the world. We want to be the learning corner of the unfolding metaverse.”

The development of metaverse technologies causes consideration of how the metaverse will be used in education. The correct and planned use of new technologies for education can be very beneficial. Mobile games can enable students to learn while having fun. Thus, new talents can access wider training opportunities, companies can train personnel at lower costs, and the workforce needed by the ecosystem can be produced.

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