Street Fighter: Duel and Devil May Cry are collaborating in a new event

The tenacious and heroic devil hunter Dante is coming to Street Fighter: Duel.
Devil May Cry's Dante and Street Fighter's Mr. Bison posing in a menacing stance against each other.

CAPCOM’s two household names are collaborating in an upcoming event. Devil May Cry’s Dante will be available to play in Street Fighter: Duel in the new event that will run from May 11th to May 24th.

In the collaboration event, Devil Invasion, players can earn Demon Soulstone by completing various tasks. These stones, such as the “Strongest Demon Hunter” avatar frame, can be exchanged for rewards in Nico’s store. Additionally, players can complete different tasks in the Agency to receive treasure box rewards. Players can unlock more valuable rewards as they complete more tasks and reach higher levels.

Players can also obtain Demon Star in the Agency and through exploration. Nico also has a device that can convert the demon stars into module materials at set intervals, enhancing a player’s power as they upgrade their modules.

During the event, there will be individual and guild leaderboards, with players receiving additional rewards based on their rankings at the end of each challenge.

Street Fighter: Duel is published by A PLUS JAPAN INC. and has already passed 4 million downloads at App Store and Google Play.

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