2022 League of Legends champions DRX and WeMade announce their partnership

WeMade CEO stated that they want to create a new digital economy in the esports field.
DRX Lol team lifts the 2022 Worlds Cup

DRX, a prominent Korean esports organization, and Wemade, a blockchain-focused game company have recently announced their new partnership. They aim to explore new markets and opportunities and create a new digital economy in the sports field, according to Henry Chang, CEO of WeMade.

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DRX has claimed its place as the 2022 League of Legends World Champion in the finals on November 6. The team defeated the three-time world champions, T1, in a best-of-five with a score of 3-2. The organization’s Valorant team also holds the record for the most consecutive wins in the game, with 102 wins back-to-back. DRX’s Warcraft 3 team includes DRX Moon. DRX Knee, who has won 100 championships in his career, currently represents the organization in Tekken 7.

Sang-In Choi, CEO of DRX said,

“We look forward to growing together based on the accumulated data and global networks that both Wemade and DRX have established.” 

Henry Chang, CEO of WeMade added,

“Esports is the best sport for blockchain because it continues to evolve. We will create a new digital economy in the sports field with DRX, the leader of esports.”

WeMade recently secured a $46 million investment from Microsoft and others and launched WEMIX 3.0, its new mainnet in October. The company continues to partner with various companies to expand the new WEMIX ecosystem.

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