A 2023 mid-year review of Turkiye’s mobile games scene

Exploring the dynamic shifts in Turkiye’s mobile gaming sector, this mid-2023 review unravels a landscape rich in innovation and fresh funding opportunities.

Turkiye has made remarkable strides in the ever-evolving games industry, with its startups receiving notable investments in the first half of 2023. These investments signal a strong trajectory of growth, innovation, and recognition of the country’s ability to produce world-class gaming products. Let’s delve into the success stories of these gaming companies.

Funverse Games: Linking blockchain to gaming

Funverse Games made waves by securing an investment based on a valuation of $6 million. Notably, this was supported by several participants, including Weplay Ventures and Alfin VC. As the third-ranked startup in LinkedIn’s list of Best Startups in Turkey (2022), Funverse is currently beta testing its innovative game “Hit and Boom,” a blend of MOBA and Battle Royale genres with blockchain integration.

Yamy Studio: The powerhouse of hybrid-casual

Yamy Studio, a developer of over 120 mobile games, locked in an investment deal valued at $4 million from UP Venture Capital. One of their standout titles, “Parents Run,” crossed the 2 million download mark in 2022, emphasizing their prowess in the mobile games industry, a trending genre expected to rise further in 2023. Yamy Studio, with its keen vision, aims to be a mobile gaming leader.

Ratic Games: Redefining web3 integration

With a whopping valuation of $5.27 million, Ratic Games announced its pre-seed funding completion. Their current project is a super-app tailored for gamers. This app focuses on integrating web3 games, linking cryptocurrency wallets and players’ assets. In addition to the super-app, the company offers an SDK (Software Developer Kit). Aiming for a 2023 launch, their SDK is expected to revolutionize cross-platform installations.

Passion Punch: Leading in web3 evolution

Capturing the limelight, Passion Punch secured a $4 million seed investment as they pivoted to web3, valuing the company at an impressive $39 million. Their vision is directed toward web3 games, tapping into blockchain technology’s potential. Over the past years, they have garnered a base of 200 million mobile players, showcasing their games expertise.

Gulliver’s Games: Attracting foreign investments

Gulliver’s Games garnered a total investment of $1.5 million, backed by Turkiye-based VC company Boğaziçi Ventures and March Capital, headquartered in Santa Monica, California, bringing foreign capital investment to the country. Their debut game, “Restaurant Tycoon,” made a significant impact in 2022, and they are poised to amplify their gaming offerings.

Paxie Games: Dominating casual category

Paxie Games, the developer of casual games, caught the attention of investors and secured a $3 million investment. Their hit game “Merge Studio” has already achieved over 7 million downloads, signaling a bright future for the company, which is aiming to achieve greater success by continuing to develop its new game Tile Star

Gleam Games: Striding ahead with EverBlast

Gleam Games, specializing in casual mobile games, raised a total of $1 million for their star game, “EverBlast.” With strong backing from a group of investors, including IstCapital and Ludus VC, Gleam Games plans to solidify its marketing strategies further and continue its growth trajectory.

Spektra Games: Racing towards global acclaim

With a focus on mobile racing & simulation games, Spektra Games has become a name to reckon with. Their game, “Parking Master Multiplayer 2,” achieved over 10 million downloads in less than a year and with their three titles, they have reached more than 40 million downloads worldwide. Backed by Ludus Ventures and The Games Fund, Spektra Games is destined to reshape the mobile racing genre.

Turkiye’s gaming landscape is blossoming, with companies exploring innovative niches like blockchain, Web3, and hybrid-casual genres. The influx of investments in the first half of 2023 indicates a robust ecosystem, rich with potential and innovation. As the year unfolds, we can only expect more breakthroughs and global recognition for Türkiye-based gaming companies.

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