Acqyr Exchange launches a platform for end-to-end rewards

The platform will use a system named Event Sharing Pipeline to capture in-game achievements.
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Acqyr, developed by Denver-based Targeted Shopping Solutions, has announced an “end-to-end cash back and loyalty rewards SaaS platform.” The platform is currently for mobile and online game developers and publishers.

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The QX platform will assist game companies in increasing gameplay, improving player retention, and growing revenue. The company states that it will provide a viable solution for exchanging and redeeming in-game rewards for cash.

Co-developed with Rackspace Technology, the Event Sharing Pipeline will stream, process, and analyze gameplay events. The system will also track the offered rewards and give progress reports based on the monetization goals of the QX partner.

The company states that the system is easy to use and that it seamlessly integrates with any mobile game. Player progress is tracked via the platform and players are granted cash rewards when the appropriate milestone is reached. The QX mobile app allows users to manage the rewards of all participating games in one login.

QX Founder and CEO Jim Mulford used these words to describe the system:

“This is the first multiple-game loyalty rewards program customized to Partner games to retain existing players, which costs far less than acquiring new ones. Our goal is to incent players to stay longer in a game and monetize more. We offer our Partners all the tools to do just that.”

The official Acqyr website explains further with these sentences:

“The Acqyr Exchange was created to help mobile and online game publishers increase gameplay, improve customer retention, and grow revenue by providing a superior solution for redeeming digital assets. By allowing gamers to own and exchange all earned rewards from participating games into local currency, the exchange is a unique and powerful platform for publishers and developers of all sizes.”

The players must earn the issued offer to be eligible for in-game rewards from the QX partners. QX is free to join at the moment.

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