Amazon announces Prime Gaming’s free games for February

Fallout 1 cover

Amazon Prime members can enjoy Fallout, Breakout Recharged, Missile Command: Recharged, Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders – Collector’s Edition, Tempest 4000, Blade Assault, and Gravitar: Recharged games for free.

Amazon Prime members can benefit from many advantages such as free games and in-game content with Prime Gaming, access to daily special deals on products from the most popular brands, special deals and discounts on Prime Day, unlimited access to award-winning films and TV episodes with Prime Video.

With Prime Gaming, members are offered free games that they can own indefinitely, as well as privileges such as character upgrades such as leveling, clothing and skins that they can use in popular games, and a free subscription to a broadcaster’s channel of their choice on Twitch for 30 days. Free games of February:

  • Fallout – Explore the ruined remains of a once-golden age civilisation in this classic post-apocalyptic CRPG that revolutionised the genre.
  • Breakout Recharged – Collect power-ups and survive a variety of challenges in this reimagined version of the all-time classic brick breaker.
  • Missile Command: Recharged – Defend cities from attack by missiles, tanks and much more in this modern arcade favourite.
  • Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders – Collector’s Edition – Can you uncover the connection between three different murder cases? Reasoning will be your most helpful weapon in this mystery.
  • Tempest 4000 – An action-packed visual adventure based on the original arcade game Tempest.
  • Blade Assault – Bring justice to a desolate sci-fi city in this 2D platformer uniquely designed with pixel art.
  • Gravitar: Recharged – Test your skills as a pilot as you complete missions across the solar system in this remastered cult classic.

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