Animoca Brands warns users of fake metaverse token

Animoca Brands, which published a statement about the fake token that came out with the name Animoca Brands Metaverse, stated that users should be careful.
Animoca Brands
Animoca Brands has issued a statement about the fake metaverse token.

In today’s blockchain world, fraud incidents bother people from time to time. However, this week, Animoca Brands was forced to issue a warning about the fake digital token that came up with the name ‘Animoca Brands Metaverse.’

The token is seen on Etherscan and Etherswap V2, which has managed to attract unsuspecting buyers. The company made the following statement about the fake pass;

“We strongly urge the public to stay away from this fraudulent token and any related activities, including social media and messaging apps. Do not interact with this token or the scammers behind it in any manner, and if you have already received or bought some of these tokens, then consider switching to a new wallet immediately in order to reduce your risk of being targeted in future scams… If in doubt about an offer, do not buy and instead please write to [email protected].”

What token scams teach us is that no matter how many exciting projects enter the metaverse, users and investors need to be very careful about what they intend to buy.

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