Anzu brings in-game ads to Roblox

Anzu, one of the leading names of in-game advertising solutions, started to cooperate with Roblox.
roblox anzu partnership
Anzu brings in-game ad tech to Roblox.

Anzu, one of the leading companies producing in-game advertising solutions, will work with the creators of Roblox to develop in-game ads.

roblox anzu in-game ads
Roblox interacts with over 43 million players daily.

Anzu recently announced that dynamic in-game ads are now rolling out to enhance the Roblox experience. With this solution, Anzu aims to significantly increase the revenues of Roblox, which attracts more than 43 million players daily. With this agreement, sandbox worlds produced by Roblox players will now be able to generate more income.

Roblox takes half of the revenue generated by the creators on the game as its share. That’s why some developers were looking for new solutions to generate more revenue. While Anzu offers an opportunity to developers, it also facilitates large companies to reach Roblox’s lucrative client portfolio.

Jamie Gutfreund, former CMO of MGA Entertainment, which is closely interested in the world of entertainment for children, made the following statement on the subject:

“Roblox has the potential to be one of the most valuable and interesting environments in the game industry for brands. For marketers, learning to deliver fun experiences on Metaverse will become a key strategy for building good relationships with fans around the world. For children, ensuring safety and privacy is critical to the long-term success of these strategies.”

Anzu’s customers in the game industry include Ubisoft, Microsoft Xbox, Next Wave Multimedia and Southeast Asia’s #1 mobile app publisher Amanotes. The successful company now allows game creators inside Roblox to integrate hybrid ads that have become part of the game into their products. Thus, while maintaining the fun experience, it also increases interaction and profitability.

Anzu CEO Itamar Benedy used the following sentences in his statement on the subject:

“Today marks an important milestone on our road to building a cross-platform advertising solution that reaches players no matter where they are or what they are playing on. We are thrilled by the interest and uptake we’ve already seen from both Roblox’s creators and some of the world’s leading brands and agencies which are extremely excited to be part of Roblox’s vision of becoming a true metaverse, representing the future of how people learn, play, work, consume entertainment, try on and shop fashion, and interact with brands.”

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