Apex Legends Mobile earned nearly $15 million in the first month

After topping the charts left and right, Apex Legends Mobile is still cruising through strong, reaching nearly 22 million downloads.
Apex Legends first week revenues
Apex Legends dazzled with its first week revenues.

According to data provided by Appmagic, Electronic Arts’ Apex Legends Mobile earned approximately $15 million in the first 30 days after its release.

Per Appmagic the game has been downloaded 21,807,656 times globally within the first 30 days. The data provider says the game earned nearly $15 million in revenue overall before Apple and Google cuts. Both storefronts take 30% of the revenue, but $11,6 million is still quite impressive.

Sensor Tower, another reliable data provider, covered Apex Mobile’s launch week extensively and reported that the game earned almost $5M within the first seven days. The main interest in Apex Mobile —downloads— came from US players, followed by India and Brazil. However, in regard to revenue, Thailand and Japan were ranked second and third respectively, despite having lesser download counts. This can, of course, be addressed to the stronger buy power these two countries have compared to India and Brazil.

However, Appmagic’s more up-to-date data suggests Japan is now ranked second in terms of downloads, but just barely ahead of Brazil. The latter country has about 2,5 million downloads but it’s not even in the top 5 in revenue.

Apex Legends Mobile Top 5 Markets for Downloads

  • US – 4.8 million downloads
  • Japan – 2.5 million downloads
  • Brazil – 2.5 million downloads
  • India – 1.5 million downloads
  • Thailand – 1.4 million downloads

Apex Legends Mobile Top 5 Markets for Revenue

  • US – $4.5 million
  • Japan – $3.9 million
  • Thailand – $482k
  • UK- $225k
  • France- $215k

Apex Legends Mobile iOS vs Android

Appmagic’s report says Apex Mobile is slightly more popular on the Android market with 11.5m downloads, compared to iOS with 10.3m downloads. However, the main source of revenue came from iOS devices with $8.1 million, while Android devices earned about $3.5 million.

It’s not a big surprise considering how Apple users tend to spend more and bring more revenue in most categories, but the gap being this big is surely interesting. One could guess users with lower income tend to use Android devices since they’re significantly more affordable, and these users don’t have as much buying power.

Either way, Apex Legends had a strong start outshining other games in the free game charts in 47 countries/regions, including the US and Japan. You may want to read SocialPeta’s marketing report on how Apex Mobile had such a strong launch thanks to its marketing strategy.

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