Applications for The Big Indie Awards 2021 for game developers have begun

The event is held to take indie developers and creations to the next level. You can nominate your team or game for The Big Indie Awards 2021.
BIP Award-winning game development competition
The Big Indie Awards 2021 has begun. The event offers new opportunities for indie game developers.

For over 12 years, The Big Indie Pitch has supported indie game developers around the world. Continuing to be a good starting point for game developers and entrepreneurs who want to be discovered, The Big Indie Pitch has brought together countless game developers with publishers, platforms, investors and the press. The event, which offers opportunities to developers in terms of marketing, opens a door of opportunity for game developers who want their work to reach the value it deserves.

Award-winning game development competition The Big Indie Awards
You can nominate your team or game for The Big Indie Awards 2021.

The Big Indie Pitch held 19 digital events in 2020. It has enabled 260 games to be discovered and rewarded in the events it has organized over the past year. The Big Indie Awards‘ mission is to “take independent developers and creations to the next level.” As part of this goal, the event will reward the best indie games and promising developers selected. It is not necessary to have participated in The Big Indie Pitch’s events before to participate in the competition, which will hold the award ceremony online on December 15, 2021. Any developer and team that has an indie game released in the last 12 months or scheduled to be released in the next 6 months can be nominated for the event.

How to apply and how does the process work?

  • Awards include both mobile and PC/console games.
  • The game to be nominated must have been released after September 2020 or is scheduled for release within the next 6 months.
  • For studio nominations, the team to be nominated must be less than 12 members (except in some special cases, provided that it is specified at the time of application). The team to apply must be in the category of “independent developer”. Independent developers can also apply individually.

Step 1: Nominations

The nomination process is currently ongoing. All indie game developers who want to apply can nominate themselves, their team, or someone else’s game regardless of their involvement. All nominated names will qualify for the final list after being checked by a panel of experts.

Indie games can be nominated for multiple categories and win awards in multiple categories. In order to nominate by making your application, you need to fill out the officially published application form.

Step 2: List Voting

Winning games will be announced after the nominations are evaluated by a team of distinguished game industry experts and gamers. In addition to the expert team evaluation, many titles will be determined by public voting on November 5.

Step 3: Awards Ceremony

The Award Ceremony will be held online on December 15, 2021. The official categories in the public vote to be held as of November 5 are as follows:

  • Best Indie Game (PC/ Console)
  • Best Indie Game (Mobile)
  • Best In Audio (Multiplatform)
  • Best In Visuals (Multiplatform)
  • Best In Gameplay (Multiplatform)
  • Best Story/Narrative (Multiplatform)
  • Best Longform Experience/Living Game (Multiplatform)
  • Most Innovative Idea (Multiplatform)
  • Best Quick-Play/Casual Title (Multiplatform)
  • Best Studio/Team (Multiplatform)
  • Best Solo Developer (Multiplatform)

Uzman jüri tarafından verilecek özel unvanlar ise şöyle:

  • Rising Star (Multiplatform)
  • Games For Good Award (Multiplatform)
  • BIP Legend Award
  • Pitcher Of The Year

Applications for the event, which offers a good opportunity for developers who want to make a breakthrough in the game industry, will be open on Monday, November 1, 2021, until 14:00 Turkish time.

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