Appodeal’s mobile eCPM Report for in-app monetization worldwide 2022 Q3

Appodeal’s latest eCPM report teaches you new ways to step up your revenues and helps you find new strategies.
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Appodeal analyzed the eCPM of millions of ad impressions worldwide from +70 Ad Networks.

Appodeal’s latest eCPM report for worldwide in-app monetization is out of the oven. The mediation platform’s report dives deep into the latest trends while offering valuable insights into the mobile advertisement industry.

The company updates its reports for every quarter, and for this report, they analyzed the eCPM of millions of ad impressions across the world over 70 ad networks. You can make what you will with the numbers and stats provided by Appodeal, but of course, being a mediation company they share priceless insights that most minds would easily miss regardless of their experience in the industry.

Appodeal also shares insights from older reports in its extensive coverage, mainly for comparison purposes. Reading through the platform’s in-depth reports, you can figure out how the eCPM has changed —or rather evolved— in each country, platform, and type across the years.

The full report actually starts from here, and as you scroll below you’ll find highlights and insights from earlier reports going back all the way to Q4 2019. Keep in mind that the report includes interactive maps and charts, make sure to use the dropdown menu on the map to find what you’re looking for.

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