AVOW’s Dynamic Preloads Guide – A game changer for mobile gaming developers

Revolutionizing user acquisition in the mobile game industry

The mobile game industry, projected to reach an astounding USD 286 billion in 2023, is more dynamic and competitive than ever. Of this mobile gaming pie, revenue in MENA is currently worth almost USD 4.5 billion, with revenue in Turkey at over USD 320 million in 2023. By 2028, that revenue is set to soar to over USD 470 million in Turkey.  Amidst the backdrop of Saudi Arabia investing USD 38 billion into mobile gaming and creating 40,000 jobs in the industry, AVOW, a global leader in mobile OEM advertising, has unveiled a groundbreaking resource: the Dynamic Preloads Guide, tailored specifically for the mobile gaming vertical.

Why This Guide is a Milestone

This guide is not just another addition to the plethora of resources available. It’s a manual designed to transform the way mobile gaming developers acquire users radically. According to Robert Wildner, cofounder and CEO of AVOW, this guide is an “essential resource” offering invaluable insights and strategies that have already resulted in an average 1000% increase in installs for AVOW’s gaming clients.

Dynamic Preloads: A Game-Changing Strategy

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The Dynamic Preloads and Mobile Gaming Guide introduces developers and marketers to a powerful user acquisition tool. With the mobile game industry being more lucrative than Hollywood and music streaming combined, traditional user acquisition channels are saturated. This guide offers an effective alternative, enabling developers to leverage the vast reach of mobile OEMs like Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, and Transsion.

Bono Wu, Global Head of Channel and Programmatic Partnerships for Xiaomi, emphasizes the power of Dynamic Preloads, stating, “In an era where data drives decisions, imagine the power of knowing your app begins its journey not in the background, but as a frontliner. That’s the promise Dynamic Preloads delivers to marketers”

Key Highlights of the Guide

Optimized for Success: Tailored for the unique challenges in the mobile gaming vertical, the guide provides expert advice on utilizing dynamic preloads to gain a competitive edge.

Advantages of Dynamic Preloads: Learn how dynamic preloads operate on a cost-per-install (CPI) model for flexibility in pricing, paying only for actual installations, along with a host of other benefits

Mobile Gaming and Mobile OEMs: The guide delves into how mobile OEMs have become indispensable in the game industry.

Interactive Data-Driven Insights: It offers data in an interactive and colorful manner, ripe for revealing insights into their proprietary data, as well as curated data on mobile gamers’ preferences, from game design and in-game ads to in-app purchases.

In a Nutshell

The Dynamic Preloads Guide by AVOW is more than just a resource; it’s a beacon for mobile gaming developers navigating the complex waters of user acquisition. In an era where data drives decisions and visibility is key, this guide offers an unprecedented opportunity for developers to not just compete but excel in the highly competitive mobile game industry.

Dive into the Dynamic Preloads Guide to learn more about how AVOW and mobile OEMs are shaping the future of mobile gaming user acquisition.

A Continuation of AVOW’s Mission

This guide is not just a standalone initiative but a part of AVOW’s larger mission to educate mobile marketers about the potential of mobile OEMs in the marketing mix. It builds on the success of their previous Mobile OEM Guide earlier this year.

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