Battlefield 2042 update 5.2 coming this week

After a bad start, EA hasn’t given up on Battlefield 2042 yet, and with each update, it’s picking things up a little more.
Battlefield 2042 Patch 5.2

Battlefield 2042 is getting update 5.2 for all platforms later this week. Highlights of the update content are described below:

Highlights of the updated content are described below:

  • Hourglass Map Update: Players will play a more prominent role in combat with the revamped Hourglass map, with increased visibility, reduced size for effective use of the map, and more opportunities for defense.
  • Vault Weapons: SMGs and LMGs will now receive the All-Out Warfare add-on.
  • Team Management: The Team Orders section will allow you to issue attack and defense orders for mission points. Successful execution of orders will earn teams additional experience points.
  • Ammo Upgrades: Ammo crates will now have a typical down time between other ammo crates deployed and significantly reduced recharge and replenishment times.

You can visit here for more information on the Battlefield 2042 5.2 update.

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