We talked with Orçun Sözüer

Game studios and young talents came together at our Career in Games event.
Career in Games - Mobidictum event
Mobidictum activities continue unabated.

Mobidictum Career in Games, the online career fair we organized to increase employment in the game industry, took place on November 11, 2021. Job seekers and game studios met at this event to create new career opportunities and strengthen the industry.

At the event, the participants both followed the sessions on topics such as job application processes and career advice and applied to job postings of rapidly rising companies in the game industry.

Among the valuable participants was Orçun Sözüer, who met Yin Yang Games, one of the successful game studios in Turkey, stepped into a brand new career adventure through our event. Orçun currently continues his career as the Community Manager of the Yin Yang Games team.

We were very curious about Orçun’s experience, and we asked him some questions about the subject.

How did you hear about the Career in Games event? What were the reasons that attracted you to the event?

“I heard about the event thanks to Linkedin. I wanted to meet new people in the industry, listen to their knowledge and experiences about the industry, and strengthen my knowledge of the industry.”

What were your favorite parts of the event?

“It was interesting for me to be able to listen to people from different departments in the game industry and to see how departments work that I have never been to, even though I have been in the industry for about ten years. At the same time, the opportunity to communicate one-on-one with the speakers at the event helped me a lot. For example, one of the speakers, Elif Karaata from MagicLab helped me improve my resume and get my current job with the tips she gave in her session.”

How did the process of meeting Yin Yang Games at the event begin and how did it continue?

“One of the nice things about the event was that it gave space for the participants, as well as the speakers and companies, to talk about themselves. I also used this space to introduce myself and my interests, so Yin Yang Games had the opportunity to contact me. We talked through the private messaging feature offered by the event. And we had a meeting after the event. The conditions were favorable for both sides and I started working as a Community Manager at Yin Yang Games.”

Do you think the job opportunities in the community management field are sufficient? Was it a difficult process to pursue business in this field in Turkey?

“It was a difficult process, but the most challenging part is that it has not yet been fully defined what ‘community management’ is in Turkey, rather than the process itself. Although community management works through social media channels, it reaches its true potential at the point where it leaves social media. Community management reaches its full potential when we actively or passively include every aspect of the game, from the game development process to the processes.”

What can you recommend to job seekers apart from stereotypical positions such as developer/designer in the game industry?

“The most important advice I can give from my point of view is that they expand their network. The game industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Turkey. It has a young population, especially compared to other sectors. As both a reason and a consequence of this, people working in the industry are accessible, in healthy competition with each other, and a culture of solidarity prevails in the industry. Even a free online fair that covers the industry is an example. For this reason, I recommend that they expand their connections to establish as many beneficial relationships as possible and to be aware of the industry.”

More events are on the way!

As the Mobidictum team, we have been strengthening our activities in the game industry every day since 2015. In this way, which we started as a news platform in the first place, we have increased the number of the content we produce and presented our events to the industry with the year 2021.

Now, we take place as the best media and event platform in Turkey’s mobile game industry. With the content and events we produce, we are on the way to becoming the “go-to hub” of all industry stakeholders who have given and will put their efforts into the game industry.

So far, we have hosted more than 3000 participants and more than 1000 brands at our events. We will continue to grow our statistics and create value in the industry with our upcoming event Mobidictum Business Network #3!

At our online event, Mobidictum Business Network #3, which will take place on March 8-9-10, we will talk about not only the mobile game industry but even more! With this event, by opening up outside the mobile game industry; We also cover topics such as PC, AR/VR, blockchain, and metaverse.

Don’t miss our event where we will talk about many topics from game development processes to investment, from hyper-casual game trends to game publishing in app stores, and from blockchain-based games that are shaking our day to the future of the metaverse. Plus it’s completely free!

You can visit this link for more details about the event. You can use the button below to get your ticket now!

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