Commandos Origins: Once more unto the breach, dear friends

The game series that contributed greatly to the greying of the hair of a generation since the late nineties returns, and with the isometric view we remember it best.

If you have left your 20s behind, you must fondly remember the Commandos series. When this marvelous work of Pyro Studios first appeared on our PCs with its first game, Behind Enemy Lines, I had a group of friends consisting of a few people with whom I finished each game together. I remember very well we tried to beat the first mission for a few hours, and when we failed, we went back to Dino Crisis and said, “We’ll finish this game together when we retire.”

To be honest, I couldn’t wait that long. After a few years, I sat down at the beginning of the game as a more experienced player, and with the help of the snowy days we couldn’t do anything; I managed to beat it. Other games of the series followed, each more difficult than the other, and the series also made a very disappointing attempt at an FPS game in 2006. In our eyes, Strike Force may not have been a bad game, but it was not a Commandos game.

Finally, we have some good news for players who love challenges. After years, the series is coming back, this time under the guidance of Kalypso. Commandos: Origins, which is planned to be released in 2024, with its beautiful graphics and isometric camera, is a candidate to steal the hearts of today’s players who are accustomed to difficulties and finish Dark Souls games with a laugh. There weren’t many games that could emulate Commandos back in the day (Desperados, maybe?), but today’s gaming world is ripe for new trends. While the Soulslike craze has taken off, shall we see a Commandoslike craze? Why not?

The game will be released for modern platforms in 2024, and Kalypso has already promised more than ten challenging missions. There will also be online and offline multiplayer options. Just imagine how much more fun it would be if everyone played with their own commando. Now we’re talking!

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