CrazyGames announces strategic partnership with Xsolla

The primary goal of the partnership of two leading companies is to enhance the gaming experience with seamless monetization and payment solutions.
Crazy Games and Xsolla Partnership

CrazyGames, a leading web gaming platform, announced a strategic partnership with Xsolla, a leading representative and distributor in the video game industry. This collaboration aims to enhance the gaming experience for CrazyGames users by integrating Xsolla‘s state-of-the-art monetization and payment solutions.

As the online gaming landscape continues to evolve, players demand more seamless experiences in gameplay and transactions. Through their partnership with Xsolla, CrazyGames aims to ensure that players can access an even more comprehensive range of games, enjoy smoother in-game purchases, and benefit from a myriad of payment options tailored to their needs.

“At CrazyGames, the player’s experience has always been at the forefront of our priorities. Partnering with Xsolla amplifies this gaming journey and provides developers with a superior platform to display and capitalize on their innovations. This alliance also paves the way for a new breed of games on CrazyGames, growing beyond advertisement-based monetization,” stated Rafael Morgan, VP of Marketing and partnerships at CrazyGames.

The partnership also offers significant benefits for game developers. With Xsolla’s powerful tools and services, developers can effortlessly monetize their games, access advanced analytics, and reach a global audience. This collaboration ensures developers have the best tools for optimal success on the web.

“We are delighted to join forces with CrazyGames, a company that shares our vision for advancing the game industry through cutting-edge technology and superior user experiences. This collaboration enhances the player’s experience and provides developers with unparalleled tools for success,” said Chris Hewish, CEO of Xsolla.”

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