Diablo Immortal reaches over 30 million players in two months

Upon releasing in China, Diablo Immortal’s install numbers saw a massive rise.
Diablo looking menacingly toward west

Diablo fans may be angry at Activision Blizzard for making Diablo Immortal a “pay-to-win” game, but the fury of the fans over microtransactions hasn’t stopped the game from being downloaded over 30 million times in just two months.

The game has been raking in a ton of money on a daily basis since it launched back in June 2022 and has already crossed the $100 million revenue milestone, and this is mobile revenue only. With NetEase finally managing to release Diablo Immortal in China, the title has seen a rise in both downloads and lifetime revenue.

The latest entry in the Diablo series had a strong start, with over 1.3 million downloads just three days after its release. Nearly a week ago, the game was downloaded a little over 20 million times, and now it has crossed the 30 million mark. It took almost two months for the game to reach 20 million installs and about a week to reach 30 million after releasing in the far east.

The download numbers are provided by the game’s official social media accounts; however, revenue numbers are provided by data providers. Having said that, these numbers are usually quite accurate, but since Google Play isn’t available in China, they don’t exactly paint the whole picture.

Diablo Immortal’s primary monetization method is prominent in the far eastern countries; hence the boost in downloads and player spending shouldn’t really come as a surprise. However, more and more western countries are taking a stance against loot boxes, and the game has already skipped countries like Belgium and the Netherlands due to these two countries banning loot boxes, and Activision had no intention to comply with their gambling laws.

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