Electric Manta partners with Voodoo

Founded in 2020 by former PopCap employees, Electric Manta has announced its long-term partnership with successful French publisher Voodoo.
electric manta voodoo
Electric Manta announced its partnership with Voodoo.

Electric Manta, a game development studio, founded in September 2020 in London, announced a long-term partnership with Voodoo, a popular French video game company, and publisher based in Paris.

Electric Manta was founded in 2020 by former PopCap employees. They have recently broken their long silence and publicly announced the formation of the studio. The studio was founded with the goal of focusing on the development of free-to-play mobile games, and the partnership with Voodoo greatly supports that goal.

The partnership will undertake some work to test a series of “hybrid-casual” games that try to have the accessibility of hyper-casual games combined with features usually found in casual or midcore games. In doing so, the companies aim to increase the interactivity and lifetime value of hyper-casual games by creating several hybrid-casual games in the future.

Mark Cochrane, Electric Manta Founder and CEO made the following statements:

“We are thrilled to get the opportunity to combine the experience of Voodoo with that of Electric Manta to create some innovative, deeply engaging hybrid-casual games.”

Additionally, Voodoo Publishing Manager Corentin Selz said:

“Electric Manta’s leadership team have a wealth of experience in casual and hyper-casual games and we are excited as to what this partnership can create.”

Voodoo recently announced its partnership with Storms. Increasing the number of partners, Voodoo raises its reputation in the mobile game industry.

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