ELEET GAMES completes funding round led by Gameforge founder and Blockchain Founders Group

Claiming to be the “Players’ Publisher” that came to the fore with Publishing 3.0, ELEET GAMES has completed its pre-seed funding round.
Eleet Games announced pre-seed
ELEET GAMES, a pioneer of Publishing 3.0, has completed its pre-seed investment round.

Recently, ELEET GAMES announced that it had completed its pre-seed funding round led by Alexander Roesner, founder of Gameforge AG and Blockchain Founders Group. The amount of investment was not disclosed.

ELEET GAMES showed its interest in decentralized publishing in the near past. Publishing 3.0, which emerged with the rise of Web3 technologies, is a brand new publishing model focused on players. With this new generation publishing approach, Germany-based ELEET will publish Web3 games.

The company describes itself as a “Players’ Publisher.” Unlike traditional publishing, ELEET thinks its players should have a say in the publishing business. This means that ELEET GAMES will share the commercial success and revenues of the games it publishes with the players.

Today, Web3 games using blockchain technology provide income to users by partnering with the game. On the other hand, unfortunately, not every developer has the resources or community to publish their own game. ELEET is aware of these issues and is gearing up to offer new solutions for developers and gamers alike.

Wolfgang Maennel, Managing Director of Blockchain Founders Group, said:

“The vision of ELEET GAMES to position itself as a decentralized publisher of games is something we as early stage blockchain investors from the heart of Europe are very happy to support, as it is exactly what the crypto markets need now. Fundamentally functioning offerings, driven by proven experts in their respective industries. Here even from the gaming industry, which is seen by us as well as by many in the crypto space as one of the key drivers for the mass adoption of blockchain in the future.”

Alexander Roesner added:

“In all of Gameforge’s activities, as well as mine privately, it is important to me that the games published are fun. Would I want to play them myself? That is a simple but very helpful initial indicator. I’ve known the team behind ELEET GAMES for many years, and as a gamer, I’m already totally looking forward to what’s being developed there.”

The birth of the idea of Publishing 3.0 after the Web3 games is quite significant. Gamers and developers were used to the concept of decentralization, and the missing piece of the ecosystem was publishers. Now the puzzle is completed under the leadership of ELEET GAMES. Thus, it becomes possible to talk about entirely decentralized systems from the player to the publisher.

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