Epic and Steam players can crossplay now and console counterparts are coming soon

Thanks to free crossplay tools released by Epic Online Services, players can now play with their friends across platforms.
Epic Games Store PC crossplay
Epic aims to offer crossplay support for consoles and mobile devices next.

Epic just launched a free crossplay tool for game developers that allows them to connect their games and communities across platforms and storefronts. Meaning Epic players can sync up with other gamers on Steam (and of course other PC platforms) and play together.

Prior to this major update, only a handful of titles supported crossplay between Epic Games Launcher and Steam, and now things are changing for the better, much better. With these free tools, developers can transform their games in order to allow players to match with their friends who’ve purchased the same games from different stores.

Seamless Crossplay between Steam and Epic

With the free tools Epic Online Services provides, gamers can now connect with their friends across other PC stores and there’s even an overlay that merges your friend lists on Steam and Epic. You can search for friends across multiple stores and platforms, send & receive friend invites and join their games and of course vice versa.

At the moment, the tool works with Steam but Epic says they’re working hard to bring it to other PC stores, and consoles will follow next. It’s great news for both players and the video games industry indeed.

Simon Allaeys, Senior Director of Online Services at Epic Games said:

“Crossplay gives all friends the opportunity to come together and create fond memories across interactive experiences. We are in the fortunate position to drive change in the industry with crossplay tools for all developers and we believe that connecting friends and communities will take the gaming industry to its next major growth spurt and its next billion players.”

What does Epic Crossplay for PC support?

Crossplay is not a new term, but having it work flawlessly is a tall order. Some games already support this feature, and there are already existing titles that allow crossplay between Steam and Epic, but the experience is far from “seamless” with an exception here and there.

Epic’s goal doesn’t stop at crossplay, they want it to be a seamless experience across all the games, and for that reason, quite many sub-features are already included with the free crossplay tool.

  • Steam and Epic Games Store friends will merge into one overlay, you’ll be able to see all your friends in just one list.
  • Players can send game invites across Steam and Epic.
  • You can link your accounts without having to go through password prompts. An Epic account will be created under your Steam account.
  • Regular automatic updates are planned to keep players away from manual work.
  • The SDK will be “plug-and-play” meaning devs can mix and match the services they want to include and not.

Epic also plans to include mobile games as well, but they didn’t announce a set-in-stone date just yet.

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