Facebook Gaming adds a new monetization feature for streamers

Facebook continues to support content producers.
FB gaming
Facebook Gaming

Facebook continues to support publishers and new monetization methods continue to be added for streamers on Facebook Gaming.

Streamers will make more money on Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is trying to make the live stream available to as many people as possible.

Facebook announced that it will continue to support those who produce content related to games to build an audience and generate sufficient revenue. Facebook Gaming is creating new monetization tools day by day so that content producers can be successful on the platform and offer these methods to their liking.

Facebook Gaming is taking steps to support pre-recorded and edited gameplay videos (called video-on-demand or VoD). Offering the ability to send “Stars” while watching VoD content, Facebook Gaming is testing how viewers support their favorite content creators. It is also a new way of showing how viewers remain “fans” outside of the live broadcast.

To help deepen the bond between content producers and fans, Facebook has added tools for creators to respond to star posters individually or collectively. Fans can buy these stars they want to use. This program is currently being tested by a small group of creators in hopes of expanding it to a wider audience soon.

In addition, Facebook Gaming is also testing new tools for broadcasters to earn money while interacting with their communities. “Live Breaks” is a new form of mid-video ads for game creators. Live Breaks are manually triggered breaks of 30, 90, or 150 seconds, a mix of standard mid-roll ads and highlights from games and short video content created by the creator or viewer, such as clips or call-to-action messages from curation.

Facebook Gaming Level Up program

Level Up is the first stop on the career path as a Facebook Gaming content producer, providing start-up tools for creators to quickly start their communities and start monetizing their content. To make the live stream available to as many people as possible, Facebook Gaming has made Level Up available in the following regions: Hong Kong, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

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